Tipologia del temperamento

Examen para saber que tipo de temperamento tienes

Este examen està en ingles, coloco algunas palabras con sus equivalentes en español, para que lo puedan resolver.

1. My strongest inclination is to be
Dominating Charismatic Conscientious Steady

2. Usually, I am
Amiable Intense Cheerful Reserved

3. My basic motive is the desire for
Popularity Perfection Peace Power

4. My behavioral style could be characterized as
Spontaneous Motivated Casual Persevering

5. I'm at my best when
Order-setting Empathizing Analyzing Perceiving

6. I see myself as a(n)
Unifier Expander Identifier Stabilizer

7. I'd like the role of
Peacemaker Promoter Leader Reformer

8. An objective observer would see me as
Sensation-seeking Security-seeking Identity-seeking Knowledge-seeking

9. Sometimes I can be
Too insensitive Too sensitive Too excitable Too serious

10. Metaphorically, my behavior consists of
Connecting Opening Cutting Closing

11. At my worst I can be
Self-absorbed Reckless Submissive Cruel

12. My world view is
Traditional Idealistic Rationalistic Hedonistic

13. My core values tend to be
Spiritual Theoretical Experiential Economic

14. I take the most pride in being *
A winner Competent Authentic Accountable

15. I rely most on
Sensing Judging Sensing Perceiving Intuitive Thinking Intuitive Feeling

16. A compliment would be to say that I'm
Charming Patient Logical Sensitive

17. My style would best be described as
Self-confident Aggressive Conscientious Leisurely

18. I fault myself sometimes when I am too
Exuberant Impatient Humble Anxious

19. I would most like to be seen as *
Successful Genuine Capable Dependable

20. I don't mind if others see me as *
Prosperous (prospero)
Nervy (descarado, osado)
Benevolent (benévolo)
Autonomous (autónomo)

21. I desire most to be
Winning (ganador, Agreeable(agradable, placentero(a),Authoritative (autoritario)Accomplished (logros, triunfos, exitos)

22. I might be too concerned with
Ability Control Comfort Status

23. I enjoy being
Orderly (metòdico, organizado)
Financial secure (econicamente seguro)
Desirable (deseable)
Obeyed (obediente)

24. I feel best when I am
Beloved (adorado)
Energetic (vivaz, lleno de vida,activo, animado)
Quiet ( callado, taciturno)
Correct (apropiado)

25. If I could, I'd spend all my time
Governing (mandar, governar, dirigir)Improving the world (mejorar el mundo)Being friendly (ser amistoso)Being celebrated (ser festivo)

26. It's most important to be
Self-actualizing (emprendedor)Reciprocating ( reciproco)Free (libre)Influential ( influyente, autoritario))

27. I most want others to see me as *
Competitive (competente, ambicioso)Responsible (responsible)Skilled (eficiente)Sincere (sincero)

28. I'm not proud that I'm often
Rigid (inflexible, estricto, severo)
Sluggish (apàtico, desinteresado)
Aloof (indiferente, distante, frio )
Restless (ansioso, nervioso)

29. I'm quite happy that I'm
Objective (Objetivo)
Plain and simple (Plano y simple)
Emotional (Emocional)
Exciting (emotive, estimulante,inspirador,despierto)

30. Most of all it's best to be

Strong (fuerte)
Fun (divertido)
Intimate (confidente, amigo o familiar cercano )
Dutiful (obediente)

Debilidades de cada tipo de temperamento: